Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Hellboy MMS527 Hellboy 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

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Product Description

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Hellboy is caught between the supernatural and human worlds. An agent with The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, he battles creatures and an ancient sorceress bent on revenge. To celebrate the release of Hellboy in cinemas, Hot Toys is thrilled to present the devilish Hellboy and his Right Hand of Doom in the latest 1/6th scale collectible figure inspired by the movie.

Skillfully crafted based on the appearance of Hellboy from the movie, the highly-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with two styles of interchangeable horns translating all the intricate details, a specially painted body showing detailed skin texture with enhanced articulations, perfectly tailored outfit, an array of weapons and accessories including the iconic Excalibur sword, pistols, sword of fire and lighting effect accessory for alternative display styles, a movie-themed figure stand with burning flame diorama accessories and character backdrop. 

Product Features

  • 12.60 inches (32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • A newly developed head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Hellboy in Hellboy 
  • Detailed hair sculpture of Hellboy’s hair style
  • Newly developed muscular red-skinned body with over 20 points of articulation
  • Built-in joints in neck and tail

Box Contents

  • Hellboy figure
  • Long horns
  • Short horns
  • 3 Pieces of interchangeable red colored stone-like right hands 
    • Fist
    • Gesturing hand
    • Hand for holding sword
  • 6 Pieces of interchangeable left hands 
    • Fist
    • Ppen hand
    • Relax hand
    • Relax hand wrapped with straps
    • Hand for holding sword
    • Hand for holding pistol
  • Dark-green colored outer coat
  • Black colored sleeveless shirt with The B.P.R.D. logo
  • Pair of black colored pants
  • Set of utility belt with gun holster
  • Pair of black heavy boots
  • 2 Brown colored bracelets
  • Excalibur sword
  • 2 Pistols
  • Translucent orange colored sword of fire
  • Communicator
  • Translucent orange colored lightning effect accessory (attachable to sword)
  • Translucent orange colored crown of fire (attachable to head sculpt)
  • 4 Feddish orange burning flame diorama accessories
  • Movie themed figure stand with movie logo and character backdrop

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