Returns Policy

Our Return Policy:

Our policy lasts 30 days from the day you received the item. Item must be in original unopened condition.  If the item is opened we cannot offer an exchange or refund due to previous customers abusing our policy. We cannot refund items sent that were opened and you didn't like the item because it didn't meet your standards. We don't do returns based on buyers remorse situations. We carry items from different companies and have over 1000 skus so we cannot test the item for you. The item has to be sealed and in original condition to qualify for a return. If you are unsure if you will like an item and are tempted to open it, the best solution is to look up reviews online and make your choice from there. 

To be eligible for a return, please contact and please provide your order number and full name and address.

There is also a restocking fee on select items.

Cancellations on Pre-Orders:

Please Note: This is a Pre-Order Item. A Pre-order is a reservation of an upcoming release of a specific item. Manufacturers set release dates in advance which gives the buyer a chance to have a guaranteed order. This avoids having to compete with other buyers who want the same item when it is released.  

Should you Pre-Order an item? For popular items it is recommended to make a Pre-Order. Yes, even Pre-Orders can get sold out especially for popular items. Having an item on Pre-Order guarantees that you will receive that item. 

Our PRE-ORDER policy: Release dates are set by manufacturer and subject to change by manufacturer. We cannot control when the manufacturer releases an item. We will keep you informed of any changes. If you decide to cancel your order, then you could face a 15% cancellation fee. Please understand when you make a Pre-Order for an item we have to order it from the distributor and if I cancel then I myself will have to face a 15% cancellation fee. So, you are responsible for that 15% fee and that is not money put in my pocket, that is money that pays the distributor when they charge me the actual fee. This has to be set up to avoid people changing their mind after they had paid. So please make sure you are able to commit to the order before you pay.